Théâtre Sous Pression is a Montreal-based theatre company that provides new works for teenage and young adult audiences. The company is motivated to invest in the emotional experience of its audience; exploring how social changes affect our anxieties, our sense of empathy, our drive to support one another, and our ability to move beyond crisis. Théâtre Sous Pression hopes to bring its multidisciplinary performances to venues across Québec and Canada.

Catherine Nguyen

Catherine Nguyen is an emerging vietnamese-quebecoise artist, playwright and director. Studying at the École Supérieure de Théâtre, she developed an interest in artistic philosophies. In 2019, with the Yokohama Theatre Group in Japan, she took part in the creation of a production of Antigone centered on questions of gender-inequalities and girls’ education.

Catherine’s projects are anchored in today’s social struggles, and she hopes to bring her perspective centered on personal expression and existentialism to these debates. She is also involved in Asian community projects in Montréal, volunteering for the Japanese Seinen Association of Montréal.

Félix Robitaille

Félix Robitaille is a queer montreal artist nad graduate from UQAM’s École Supérieure de Théâtre. He has a strong interest in puppetry that has grown over the course of his education, especially the subversive nature of the puppet that he hopes to put to use in productions touching on social issues, issues relating to workers and labour, and the environment.

Audiophile, he has begun to develop some skills in sound design while working on such shows as Clio: A Clitoris Puppet Learning to Love Herself, presented at the Montréal Fringe 2018, and the l’Envolée at the OTC Online Show in 2020. He envisions a feminist, politically engaged theatre that reunites the linguistic communities of his hometown. He is currently a member of the Lester B. Pearson School Board’s Task Force on Equity and Inclusivity.